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Smok Novo – A SYNOPSIS

Smok Novo – A SYNOPSIS A Smok Novo is a glass bottle similar in design to a Rhone bottle, albeit with a twist. They’re red, and they are created from Japanese quartz called smokite. These bottles have an extended history in Japan where they’re used for everything from making jewelry to smoking tobacco. A typicalContinue reading “Smok Novo – A SYNOPSIS”

Why Do I have to FIND OUT ABOUT Nicotine and Vaping Liquid?

Why Do I have to FIND OUT ABOUT Nicotine and Vaping Liquid? Lots of people find it hard to believe but there is a genuine replacement for smoking – Vaping liquid. This alternative nicotine-based product does not contain the dangerous chemicals and toxins found in cigarettes. But instead it contains smaller amounts of nicotine, propyleneContinue reading “Why Do I have to FIND OUT ABOUT Nicotine and Vaping Liquid?”

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